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Spring Student Sponsorship Drive

At PIW, we strive to provide an education to anyone who wants one, regardless of their access to money. Unfortunately, it takes money to buy materials and run classes. To be precise, it takes $4,000 a student for our 8 week, 320 Hour intensive course in order to break even. 
Right now we need YOUR HELP fundraising for our March intensive class. This is an 8 week full time course where students learn a wide range of employable skills as well as industry knowledge and support for future testing and job searching.
To say THANK YOU to those who donate, we have some locally made PIW merch to send you!!!!! Little Chair Printing and State of Mind Embroidery have hooked us up with some sweet swag for our fundraiser. There is something for everyone and their ability to give!
Anything helps. For those who can only give small token amounts, please consider becoming  a monthly sustainer. Community power is everything, and when added up, our collective power is unstoppable. 
Much love and thank you! 

**A heads up, we are awaiting our final paperwork to come through from the IRS about our 501c3 status and have been instructed to continue to operate as a non-profit. Our letter of determination from the IRS will arrive within the 2022 year, which means your donation will be tax deductible for the 2022 tax year. If you would like further information about confirmation of your donation for tax purposes, email us at **

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