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Goal of $6,666 for everyone's favorite spooky season.


Monthly donors will get 5 tickets entered into the raffle of their choosing! One time donors will get one ticket entered into the raffle of their choosing. You choose which raffle with how much you donate.


$2 = raffle for $25 at Cocktail Mary (4 chances)

$5 = raffle for 4 Maine Mariners Hockey Tickets (any day but opening day)

$10 = raffle for $150 at Leeward 

$15 = raffle for $100 at Terlingua and a free night at Best Bower (their B&B on Munjoy Hill)!!!

$25 = raffle for our firepit workshop

$50 = raffle for two tickets to go white water rafting with North Country Rivers (Kennebec, Penobscot, or Dead River)

$100 = raffle for a Damascus Yanone Pendant from Chris Ploof Designs

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